Angel Robes Journey
  1. The Wedding Gown
    Donors contact Angel Robes Alabama via social media page, website, email, or telephone to arrange a meeting to pick up the wedding gown. "Angel Helpers" are available to meet you to receive the dresses.
  2. The Miracle
    Our volunteer seamstresses lovingly deconstruct each gown, while being careful to preserve each piece of lace or embellishment. Our "Miracle Ladies" are experienced in their craft and some sew professionally.
  3. The Angel Robe
    Each Angel Robe will be unique due to fabrics, lace, embellishments, etc. Angel Robes are created for little boys as well. The robes are gift boxed with a condolence card and keepsake from Angel Robes Alabama enclosed.
  4. Journey's End
    Once the Angel Robes arrive back in Piedmont, they are group photographed and paired with their original wedding gown. The robes are gift boxed and carried to the partner hospital for future needs.
  5. Thank You
    Photographs of the original wedding gown, the group picture of the Angel Robes, as well as a remnant cloth reserved from the donated gown are mounted in a shadowbox and presented to each donor as our heartfelt appreciation for their sacrifice.