Most fairy tales end with...And they all lived happily ever after!
     Fairy tales we heard as a child usually began with, Once upon a time... and told a story that could include joy, frustration, or sadness. The one thing they normally had in common was that the main characters lived "happy ever after."
     Life doesn't always turn out to be "happily ever after" at times. And, that's how Angel Robes Alabama was birthed into existence. While the founder, Debby Rosser, had not experienced the unimmaginable loss of a baby...she had walked in the valley of death's shadow when her beloved husband of 28 years passed away from cancer.  Their only child was a boy. So, what do you do with a beautiful, handmade Victorian-style wedding gown that would not be worn again? It hangs in a closet under a bag; the eternal icon of hopes, dreams, and joy.

     But, what about the hopes and joy at the thought of a precious baby arriving to complete those whatever situation those dreams are conceived? Yet, the news is devasting and there are none of the three.

  • A time of intense grief!
  • A loss of simple thinking.
  • What can I dress my "little angel" in?
Those we have held in
 our arms
​ for a little while...
...we hold in
our hearts
     Why not take the precious wedding gowns apart and transform them into tiny "angel robes" for the babies who would not get to go to their earthly home...but, to forever play among the heavens?

     Debby Rosser knew her gown had to be the first and as she posted her hope on her social media page, she began to see replies of friends who were willing to donate their own dream gown.