It felt like our wedding only lasted a few minutes!

Then, the dress of her dreams goes into storage for some future sell, for a future daughter to wear, or passed down to other generations. Sometimes the dress has its own story to tell.  Mine was handmade by a dear friend, but my hopes and dreams that it represented did not last happily ever after!  My prince charming was only able to stay with me for 28 years before he passed away.  Some "ever afters" are bittersweet or painful.

All "bundles of joy" can't stay on Earth with us.  Some are here for a moment, but" live" forever in our hearts.  It is a time of intense grief and disbelief.  This is why Angel Robes Alabama was born!

Angel Robes are created from donated wedding gowns and presented to a family whose baby was "born sleeping" or could only stay for a little while.  Not only does this ministry provide a beautifully handmade outfit for their baby, but "Mommie" has the opportunity to dress her "little angel" for this one time.

Another part of ARA is that we will provide condolence cards with a miniature keepsake for Angel Moms~Never Forgotten, who are those who miscarry and must undergo a D&C procedure.  With this little remembrance, she will be assured that her angel did exist and will not be forgotten.

Our gallery section features the wedding gowns and their sacrifices which have been transformed into these iconic bereavement clothes  for girls and boys.

Debby Rosser                      
Executive Director & Founder